Friday, May 17, 2013

The French Touch....

Hey all!! 
It's Friday....
and we are soooooo in LOVE
with this Wallpaper book.....

Imagine the pitter-patter of our hearts
 as we saw this at the paint store.....
to bring this one home
some more!!!

"Bruxelle Linen"
'The family crest, well known in European history,
 inspired this masculine design on a rich linen ground.'

{we are of course showing the pictures of the wallpaper in use
so that you can drool right along with us!}

'A fine etched-style pattern depicting romantic European architecture'

What we love about wallpaper
{besides that it adds sooooo much to a room}
Is that if you see it in one color....

It's available in another shade!

We also LOVE getting 
AMAZING ideas 
when we look through the books!

Just look at this pattern on the wall
in the paper sample here...oh my!!!

"Empire Damask"
'A single damask shape inspired by French empire design styles,
 rendered on a rustic linen ground.

you can see hot this paper has a bit of metallic
in it.....GORGEOUS!!!!

check this one out.....

'A pattern reminiscent of distressed plaster work
with a modern take on manuscript etchings.'

We LOVE how they
style the wallpaper for pictures
 ~ just look at those cool vintage clocks!

'A lightly distressed ground with soft metallic threads 
combined with a pattern reminiscent of antique wood carvings'

Then this one gets a lot of
oooooo's and ahhhhhhh's
from everyone.....

'A rich moire background texture supports a Nouveau Style damask 
to create a rich yet subtle effect'

that it has this matching pattern!

it's Friday
and we are in LOVE with
 "Maison Gallerie"
wallpaper book
by Seabrook

Hope you enjoyed 
our little visual journey of France...

Thought you'd enjoy a little
"Bal Petite Bal" 
with Eartha Kitt....

go ahead....hit play
then head back on up to look through this 
delicious wallpaper again!!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girls, this is WONDERFUL!

I have a damask type paper in our dining room that's been here for cough cough twenty years. It's a Laura Ashley pattern in a greige. It looked awful in the pictures, but that's because I took them with an IPAD. But I looooooove these. So neat. And Birge was always what my mother used when I was a wee bitty. Nice to see their name!



Cynthia said...

Hey girls!! This wallpaper is really drool worthy. Just gorgeous images.


A Cuban In London said...

I must admit that the first image won me over completely. I'm a sucker for the French language. Thanks.

Greetings from London.


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