Monday, June 04, 2012

Time to Give You the Dirt....

That's right.....

It's one of The Summer Kitchen Girl's
times of the year

Digging in the Dirt
Decorating Outside
& Bringing elements of the Outside

Lots of Potted Arrangements
in Vintage terra-cotta pots

Great Artichoke Candles in three different sizes

Stick it to those Herb pots
with some Vintage Stamped Silverware
Plant Markers

Fun Fresh Silks
Gerberas & Hydrangeas
ready to put a
of color in your room!

So, there it is,
we've come "clean"
We love Gardening....
both inside & out!


DearHelenHartman said...

So pretty - playing in the dirt can certainly be rewarding!

Sherri said...

Girls I love those silver spoons as plant markers. I have seen them before and I love them!! You have alot of goodies available in the shop now!

Leah said...

Kitchen Girls,

Yes this is my favorite time of the year. I was holding off with the gardening plans but finally hit some gardening centers and outdoor markets this weekend. Its gonna be an herb-y and tomato-y kinda summer. Mauling over different cheeky phrases to put on some home made funky garden signs. Will post if I actually follow through on any ideas. Love your old stamped silverware plant markers. And your older post on the the goodwill chandelier was fantastic.
Enjoy that dirt.


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