Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nesting & Gnats

Out and about this weekend
we were looking at all of our spring flowers
and found this up on the old windmill nextled in our lilac bush

Can you even imagine
making a nest....with a beak!

A little miracle indeed!

It will be interesting to see if we have any tennants this spring!
One thing that we have a lot of this spring
is plenty of spring flowers....

The myrtle is out and blooming
{crazy that it's doing this so early!}

Even our glads are popping up!

Hyacinths have been in bloom for a week....

and the daffodils are so pretty to look at...
until you start to look close...
then you see them....

Drat those Gnats!
This is such a cool picture...but with nats!

Of course, you have to think that this one is pretty cool,
you can see the gnats flying ~ lol!

Got to look at the good in everything...right?

Here's to
Hoping you're having a great Tuesday!!

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