Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Time to admit....
I'm guilty of being a PPO

While Organizing the Linen Closet last week
I found these....

Scented Drawer Liners
Who knows HOW long
they've been in there!

they almost went back
(I justified NOT putting them in the Goodwill pile
 because I would EVENTUALLY get to this project!)
I stopped myself
 and declared that
if it wasn't going to be done
 that moment,
 they would have to be put in that Goodwill bag....
I stopped everything
and went to my dresser!


Took everything out

 all of the 6 sheets
of vanilla scented papers

Put them in the drawers
and cut them to fit.....

Pretty, scented papers
for my dresser!
ha ~ a project completed!

I then thought it would be nice to paper other dressers
and so I found this link to make your own scented papers!

As I walked through the hallway
to find some unused wrapping paper,
 I saw that linen closet....
"oh yea..."

Now I am guilty of being a
(Multiple Project Girl)

Oh boy...
I don't know
 if I'll ever break away from that one!

What about you?
How do you curb your "downfalls?!!"


sissie said...

I'm definitely MPG! Just look at my blog I just posted and you will see.
I love lining drawers with scented papers. Makes everything so nice and sweet smelling and pretty.


DearHelenHartman said...

Sadly MPG can lead to PPO or worse MPPO! The scented paper looks so pretty. Congrats on a project completed. What does that feel like?

Sherri said...

Girls, I just love the drawer liners! I love vanilla, so I'm sure they smell fabulous!! Glad you took care of that!

retrorevival.biz said...

Hahahaha! I must (sheepishly) admit that I'm also a PPO'er! Bet your drawers smell lovely now:)


Anonymous said...

LOL I have scented lining paper up in my closet since Christmas 2010. It really does smell pretty too! I need to get on that.
Happy week-end to you. :)


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