Thursday, February 16, 2012

FAMOUS! {sort of}

Join us as we spill the beans
with Cindy from
It was a pretty gruelling interview....
she was tough...

but, we made it through!

Head on over and read
the "dirt" she dug up!

Isn't she cute...
her in her little apron
running around her house all day
really Cindy?
Well, when she isn't all dolled up cleaning
and making supper for her love...
she's making the cutest
 that are
to die for!
(we know, we've gotten several!)

Thanks Cindy
you are a retro diva
and we consider you a
"Summer Kitchen Girl"


Anonymous said...

Fun to read!
I agree with your definition of cottage. :) said...

Well, truth is, I felt a bit like a CNN reporter trying to track down the famous Kitchen Girls;) So happy I snagged the interview. You gals are delightful, crazy talented and oh so much fun!



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