Monday, January 23, 2012

Gone to the Birds

A new flock of accessories
has landed in the store this week!

Birds on crackled balls with plenty of
moss & chippy detail

Velvet birds
forget Velvet Elvis....we've got birds
wella wella wella....
there's no sideburns on our Velvet birds,
only a sweet little velvet flower

(They are chirp-free too, by the way...
very polite & quiet birds are only sold here!)

Then we have these pretty bird cloches
We love the patina on these!

That will give you something
to chirp about


Sherri said...

Girls, your new birds are really beautiful!!

Jane said...

Love them all!!! I have a "thing" about birds and have them all over my house, perched here and there. These new additions at the shop are adorable!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

You've done it again, you have such an eye when selecting your stock.

Donna said...

I adore birds, and these are wonderful!


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