Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Bones About It!

We were at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago
and we are starting to unpack the goodies.
On this trip, we found a lot
of Bone dishes
Great for putting your jewelry in
by your sink while you do the dishes
on your dresser to put some change in
& they'd be perfect with some chocolate on them,
or bones.....yep, you certainly could  put bones on them!!


gio said...


Sherri said...

I agree with Gio-CHOCOLATE!!! Those dishes are really beautiful. You could put a small collection of sea glass or small shells in them too!

Donna said...

They sure are beautiful dishes. I think I'd use one for my jewelry.

Enjoy your weekend, girls!

ceodraiocht said...

Quite a find! Now if I could just get a service of maids to do all the dishes that would be required for that type of formal dining ...

manyslices said...

Nice find girls.
I like to collect these pieces...not all of mine are china, but I was told that most of them were used for relish dishes...and you nailed it...I put my clip-on earrings and pins in one (vintage of course) and my make-up powders in the other. Isn't re-purposing so fun?


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