Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vintage & Veggie Inspiration!

Don't you just love summer?
But what do you do with all of that produce before you eat it?

Decorate with it!!
Cherry Tomatoes look adorable in Vintage Salts
& yummy Cuban Oregano thrives in Vintage Planters...

 {We knew we could find something to do with all of those planters we've been collecting!!}

Yet another Vintage Planter holds those peppers for us while some of our favorite Vintage Fruit Plates provide the perfect backdrop!

Vintage Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers watch over zucchini & tomatoes by the stove

Tell us,
how can you resist NOT decorating with your Vintage & Veggies ?

You'd expect Veggies in the kitchen....
but what about the dining room?

Eggplant & more Tomatoes
get the special treatment on the Vintage Glass Cake Stand....

instead of flowers we used some Lime Mint...
mmmmmm....smells so good - might just have to make a minted tomato salad!

The only problem we have decorating with our Veggies....
It doesn't last long!

Join us for Vintage Inspiration Friday
for more Vintage-y goodness!!


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your photos are so enticing.

raggygirlvintage said...

Fun, fun, fun, guess you're having yummy salad for dinner!

Ido said...

You made me hungry! I love the look of those "vintage veggies"!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patti said...

I usually don't like the music selections on blogs, but... your's is COOL. I got distracted and didn't look at the vegies. oops.


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