Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sew Perfect!

Don't you just love a giveaway?

Especially when you're the winner?

And don't you just love it when you get on a blog
and connect
with that person?

A few months ago we (finally, we know!) met
you know, C-I-N-D-Y

Yep...THAT Cindy...She has our sense of humor & love of vintage....
and...ALWAYS makes us chuckle!

She makes the most adorable shower caps

Who wouldn't love these?!!

Aprons galore!
(this woman REALLY loves her job!)

So, we felt it was so appropriate that we won
the most adorable
sewing machine birdfeeder
from Cindy this month!

So, now, every day,
 we get to look out of our window at the store
and be reminded of Cindy
sewing away
making all sorts of
fun Retro things a girl needs....

Thanks Cindy!!
We love you & your Retro goodness :)

As you can see....
slowly the spring flowers are peeking!

Today we even saw some hosta leaves poking through the ground!
It's a perfect day
to head over to Cindy's blog to see what she's up too...
there might be projects,
wonderful ideas
other fun blogs
or things she's working on...
but we promise it will put a smile on your face!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Pam said...

What an adorable birdfeeder. I'll go one over and check out her blog. Who doesn't love aprons? said...

Awh shucks! You made me blush! Thank you for such a nice post! Happy you're enjoying the birdfeeder:)



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