Monday, April 25, 2011

"Hog Heaven!

We can't say which is better....
These bling-y sunglasses by
or our new flower power
Piggy Banks
that came in our store last week

Quite a selection to fit the personality of
any diva for sure.....
and, of course....we know that
all Diva's need
Glamtastic cell phone covers as well!

So....grab yourself a pig and some bling...
we promise the pig will share
& you'll be saving that change
which all Diva's know Adds UP!

Adds Up to shopping $$$

Guess you could say that the are a match
made for

Hog Heaven!!


Vintage Gal said...

How cute is this a Pig in Bling ;-)

Catherine said...

Wow! Now those glasses are , well, I have no words. They`re outstanding!

Blondie's Journal said...

Cute, cute, cute. And just in time for summer!!

Jane said...

These are awesome! Made me smile. Ooooh, how'd I'd love to wander through your store ~ I imagine it's chalk full of all sorts of wonderfulness:)

BTW, you're more than welcome to use any of my website and/or blog images. And so happy you like the birdhouse:)


Sherri said...

Cute pig and wonderful bling!!

Jonathan Hyde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abigail Rose said...

I know I'm biased but those glasses must have been created by one cute and classy chic! :) Love you Maddi!

Donna said...

Ha! How cute!


Jody Blue said...

Wow that is some serious bling!


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