Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dirty Little Secret....

...or maybe I should have named this post
"Ancient Chinese Secret!"
Last month...
on one of the snowiest days in the great state of Ohio,
Karrie, Ruth and I went antiquing & I found this Chinese figurine.

It's one of those things that you have NO idea why you love it,
but you know you will really be disappointed if you leave it there,
and you get home, and figure out where in the world you could have put it,
if you would have only brought it home.....

I can't believe that I am showing you this...
is my laundry room....

Yes, I know...the horror!
I think everyone in blogland has a wayyyy cuter laundry room
and I can't believe that I just showed you it...
but - there it is...
my dirty little secret!

on this particular day that my yellow Chinese gal came home with me
my laundry room had nothing....

But when I put her on top of my dryer...
came to the basement!

I thought...
how cute would it be if I had a Chinese Laundry sign
to hang up on that ugly wall...
No Chinese Laundry signs to be found.
No where...
So...I thought about hanging a clothesline above the washer and dryer
or maybe
I have loads
(pardon the laundry humor)
of  vintage linens

and THIS one
was my favorite...
so up it went!

Then...I brought home a red quilted runner
from the store to lay on the dryer... I diggin' this!!

A Vintage Red teacup was found a couple weeks later
when I was out and about with my Mother-in-Law

Took an arrangement that I had and put it in a
fun vintage green pot
It may not make it in
House Beautiful...
It sure makes laundry
a bit more fun
and cheerful to do!

Tell you have a room that you never speak of?
We'd love to hear......

so, I know that you have studied this picture...
and you're thinking why didn't she put red duck tape around the dryer vent
instead of that groovy blue paint tape...
and THEN you are thinking...
Why in the world did she show us this picture!!
Oh well....I guess I'm just coming clean
(ha ha ha ha!!)


Blondie's Journal said...

Your laundry room and mine are twins!

Maybe your magic little guy will do a few loads while you sleep! He's a cutie!


Vintage Gal said...

I have an ugly laudry room as well ~ it goes with having an old house. Thanks for the inspiration to spiff it up~! ;-)

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Hmm..must be something about laundry's. Mine is very small and gets easily cluttered. My little secret about my house is the horrible green carpet, inherited from when we bought the place.

Perhaps I'll do a before and after as it is due to be lifted to expose the floorboards.

But have to say you did a great job with your laundry, and we can always find somewhere to put our little purchases.Can't we?


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