Thursday, October 07, 2010

Creepy Candles

 This year's Halloween theme at the store revolves around the feeling of an old spooky haunted house, so, of course, we needed some drippy candles to carry out the theme.

So we went to work creating such drippy candles to fill the candelabras outside...

and more drippy candles to help create haunting displays inside.

So we thought we would share how we made these to-die-for candles. 
 We started by sitting the candle we wanted in a candle holder 
 (use an old candle holder if you do not want wax all over it)
Place it on top of some newspaper or something to protect your work space.  Keep in mind that you want to start with a taller candle than the length you want to end up with.
After letting it burn a while, we lit a second candle

With the second candle, we began "working" the edges of our desired candle, creating small drips all around the candle.  Be sure to let the drips cool so the next drip you create will "cling" to the cooled drip, creating bigger drips
(it's tough working with a bunch of drips...!!
hee hee...had to say it!)

 For extra wax, begin to melt the second candle onto the first candle, letting the drips run down the first candle.
You can use a different color candle if you like.  We used a white candle on top of the orange candle above, but red, purple or black would make for some fun combinations as well.

Keep going until you have all the drips you desire...

your guests will scream with delight!


Blondie's Journal said...

Very cool! It seems all my candles drip when I don't want them to!

Things are looking very creepy around the store! ;-D


The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are so funny! And that is very clever.


Sheila :-)

Barbara Jean said...

great post and candles

barbara jean

Sue said...

How fun to create these creepy candles! They look straight out of Dracula's castle. LOL Sorry I didn't get to visit your blog til I got home from my trip. I have so much catching up to do. Thanks for stopping by from Debra's party last week. So where in OH are you? I'm down in Dayton- there are more than a few of us down this way and Columbus. I'll stop by again- I'm getting ready for another trip- this time to High Point for the furniture market. Fun, but work. Nice to meet ya.
~ Sue


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