Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's On Your Drawers?

If you didn't know it already - we love wallpaper
Since we don't have anything to wallpaper on the walls in our homes at the moment, we're looking for some furniture, because we love this!

image from Better Homes & Garden
The wallpaper just makes these drawers pop!
One roll of wallpaper is all you'd need for something so pretty - just imagine the possibilities!

This decoupaged dresser from Martha Stewart
How about vintage botanical, floral or bird prints? Look on eBay or estate, or garage sales for wall paper remnants, pages out of books, blueprints, anything to put on the drawers - you just need some wallpaper paste - and voila!

Fast and fabulous decorating projects article from Better Homes & Garden

Pick your paper out first, then pick out a fabulous paint color that compliments the paper.

photo from Better Homes & Gardens

Don't have a dresser?
How about a cabinet or shelf?
Wallpaper makes anything pop!


The Muse said...

well, you are so my kind of
honestly i cringe when i hear designers say oh paper is so passe... the nuts. lol

i have revamped a dresser with paper, and it sits in the parlor. i also have used paper as inserts in cabinets, when the mood struck me.

love your images...they help show that paper is far from old school!

thank you so much for the notes about the kids wedding :)

Blessings to you.

Melody said...

Those are definately not the 70's trends. It has been so updated and looks so more polished. I like hand-painting, but for those not handy with a brush, and can't even do the One-brush technique....paper is the answer...
It also covers a multitude of sins.
Hope you can pop over for the Vintage Alphabet on my blog.

Melody said...

Thanks for stopping by. Those dolls are mostly what I sell on my sites. Afew are keepers. The dolls you're talking about...Barbie, Chrissy, Thumbleina,,Dawn, and others...LOL those are stored in boxes up at my Mom and Dad's I really need to get em out.

M.Kate said...

The second picture is awesome...I still dont have the guts to put wallpaper on cabinets day will try :) Happy weekend girls..

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Oh wow! Love that. Thanks for the great inspiration!! I have just the dresser...or two;D


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