Monday, January 04, 2010

"New" Year Color Inspiration

A New Year!
Time to take a look at the house & think about a new color on the wall, or painting or reupholstering some furniture....sometimes it's some new curtains or pillows that will do the trick. It seems that after taking all of the Christmas decorations down, it is time for something new!

Shall we have some fun by taking a look back at color trends in 1958 from
Better Homes & Gardens ?

We love the colors above in the blue and green pallet of Group #9.
It is quite calming - don't you think?

Group #1 looks like it could go in a lot of homes right now. Look at those teals and, especially, those greys!

Group #2 is the Earth Tone selection for readers in 1958 - we love this color board....we even love all of the fabric & carpeting choices! about Better Homes & Gardens
HOT Color Predictions for 2010

Take a look at the paint swatches....there's a lot of similarities to the 1958 color boards.....

It just goes to show you that, once again, what is old is new again!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Doesn't the house look so empty when we remove the Holliday decorations? Great color choices for's going to be a great year!!!

Two Dog Pond said...

Yahoo! That mint green is the color on my kitchen countertops! Perhaps I don't have to update after all...

Donna said...

Makes me want to paint!

Happy New Year to you!!


Gabbi said...

Gorgeous color girls! I'm a fan of the #1 group... reds are my faves.

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

Hahaha! what goes round comes around?!?!?! It's like that with everything tho isn't it? from fashion to hair to shoes to colours, etc.etc. etc.

Abigail Rose said...

I love that! What's funny is that the first picture at the top has like every color from my house in it! I love blues, greens, and browns in all shades :) Interesting how things really do come back around!

Cate said...

I love the colors in the third swatch! My kitchen is ready to be transformed!


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