Friday, November 13, 2009

Take a Peak....

Welcome to
Christmas Open House 2009!
Be our guest as we a peak of some of the sights from the store today...oh...first stop and have some of mom's famous cookies!

A sweet story from today...
A woman came up with her purchases and said that we looked very nostalgic this year & it made her tear up....
she had to compose herself behind a Christmas tree...
isn't that sweet - what a wonderful compliment!

Oh.... you must try another -
we can't even tell you how many cookies mom made this year....we'll get you the count tomorrow (she kept on pulling more & more we never really knew!)

Our sweet friends Kathy & Joan were up from the Dayton area....and they brought sweets from Esther Price - they insisted that it was the best chocolate EVER.....

Girls - you were right!
Loved the caramels & the pecan - they were so fresh! Thanks for thinking of us!

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