Monday, October 12, 2009

Junkin' Monday

Sometimes you can walk past things at your favorite junkin' spot over & over again....
Then it happens!

You might see something for what it is meant to be and think...that won't work

Or, it may be filthy...and it could be colored by a marker. some point you walk by it and think.....what if?

What if..

It would clean up?

I used it for a pillow instead?

What if?

Well....we took that chance today...we weren't finding much, but we did see these seats (that we've seen several times before, mind you!) but it clicked in the brain today!

We took them home, cut them off of the chair

then pretreated, washed and hung dry....

and guess what - it came out! to find some fabric to make some lovely pillows!

See what junk everyone else got this weekend as you visit Clara & Marcella - the most glamorous junkin' sisters - for Junkin' Monday!

Oh....not only did we get the seat covers...but we came home with this toboggan....sometimes when you junk, you come home with the strangest things!

We thought about making a wall sculpture out of it, or we could hang it on the porch to hold the mail, a huge coffee table, or maybe a twin bed for a cool wintry room......but, we think the kiddies have ideas of their own!


Lori said...

hello from ne ohio:) thanks for stopping over to visit me...your comment really made me smile...that is wonderful that you were able to clean up those chair seats...i love when stuff like that works out...those will make lovely pillows!!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Girls!

LOVE your finds!! What wonderful things! You could even put the toboggan in your shop and hang Christmas ornaments from the cross pieces. Oh how cute that would be. So many possibilities! Your shop is so awesome, I'd be there every week if I lived closer. Be sure to show us the pillows when you've made them.

Big hugs, Sherry

Jill said...

I'm glad you rescued those cushions--any hints on how you got that out? I haven't always had the best of luck with old stains.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

If you saw those seats many times and finally decided to get them is was meant to be!!!We are so glad you salvaged them...they look beautiful. We can't wait to see the finish product. Now, good luck trying to take that toboggan from the kids!!!!

Liz@Violet Posy said...

Oh so pretty!! What a find! I'm very envious :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

How lucky that those chair seats cleaned needlepoint!

The toboggan is cool....seen them several times as coffee tables & they always look great.

Uncanny Festoon said...

I think this Junjin Monday is helping us see things in a differnt light... I am so glad you didn't pass those by. What great pillows they will make.



Lisa's RetroStyle said...

I'm with the kiddies;) Can't wait to see you pillows!

beachchicken said...

Would you care to share your "shopping" spots?

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Beach Chicken...we got this loot over in Clyde at the antique place :) Happy Junkin'!


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