Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Dreaming

Do you hear what I hear?
Way up in the sky little dear......

This week has been just crazy busy! are seeing things pertaining to not adjust your computer screen - "them there are Christmas decorations ma!"

Friday night we brought down the house...actually the attic! Christmas came down and the mess began.
This begins the one and a half weeks of ugliness in the just might want to avoid it ( are just kidding....come - we'll just blindfold you!)

Anyway - we had to write a bit for the Buzz Book on something that ads sparkle to your we thought we'd feature these new glitter reindeer

So, we quickly created a photo shoot with them.
I took the pictures, while Karrie got the deer to give us the look we wanted to go for....she did a nice job - don't you think?


Donna said...

Oh my, Christmas will be here before we know it. Nice grouping you put together for your photo shoot!


Small House said...

Gets me a bit excited for the HOLIDAYS!

Gabbi said...

I adore them so... I want!! :) I also love that you're thinking of Christmas.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That is a great shot, girls! I'm still trying to grasp the pumpkin idea. Christmas thoughts will have to wait a little before getting in this little brain of mine!

Melody said...

We've been slowly pulling out Christmas here for weeks. Well, actually transitional peices fall/xmas. Adding pine/cedar as we go. As you well know fresh holiday pre-booking begins in June!!! yikes!

Bunny, The Paris House said...

I was just in the country in PA antiquing for a client/business and everything was 'Christmasy' I loved it, I felt like I was getting a sneak peak and jump start at least the wheels in my brain were a turning!! Your blog is the pics in this post.


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