Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fresh Quilts for Summer

Quilts certainly have a way to bring whimsy & a comfortable ease to a room don't they?

As I opened my email from Architectural Digest today.....there was an article on American Quilts. Typically I think of quilts as something I pile on the bed in the winter.....but then I began to think about the interview we just did for the Buzz book about keeping things "cool" - or "cool looking" in the summer. Many times people change out pillows and drapes. We suggested lightening up with changing chairs - or slip covering them, bringing in elements from the outside, like urns with plants and even wire topiaries.
After looking at the article....I realized that I should have suggested adding a brightly colored quilt for on your bed.....or like in this picture from the Architectural Digest article...put them out on your porch to snuggle under while in the chill of the morning or evening.

Hanging quilts is always a great way to put art on a big wall - and easy enough to switch out different quilts for different seasons. How about using them as a table cloth? Our mom just loves quilts on her table - they are just a part of her dining room as the dishes!

Just this past Monday, Mom, Karrie & I were all out shopping....OK - junking....and I scored a quilt for my daughter's room......$35.....polyester.....hand stitched.....that's right - eat your heart out! This is the perfect thing {and somewhat indestructible} for her bed - especially this summer!

So....I guess it's time to dig out grandma's old quilt in the attic.....or try your luck at the garage sales this weekend.....see more ideas for your quilts on Architectural Digest's website - happy hunting!


Anonymous said...
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Ms. Tee said...

So lucky! I'd love to run across a quilt at that price! :)

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Wow...great find! I love that pattern. So cool that it's done in polyester. Much more practical and I'm sure will last so much longer in use than cotton.
Oh, love the photos and ideas too. I especially love the chairs and the deck on what certainly appears to be one of our Great Lakes. That is my idea of heaven...topped off with a cozy quilt...mmmmm


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