Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is The Table Set Yet?

When setting your table for Thanksgiving this year - embellish your napkins for an elegant table!

Here are some of our favorite things to use:

1.Go out and gather some acorns - if it is missing the bottom, hot glue a pearl, or another "gem" in the top for some festive fun! Glue the acorns onto your ribbon, or a stick to tuck into the ribbon.

2.After tying the ribbon onto your napkin, tuck in a few leaves - either real or artificial

3. Tuck some wheat into the ribbon - if you want, spray paint the wheat to your liking - silver, gold or copper...the hot, hot colors to accessorize with this season!

4. Make a napkin ring out of grapevine and put some sprigs of bittersweet in with it - they could be parting favors for your guests.

Need to learn to fold your napkins to impress your guests this week? Check out this Napkin Folding Guide.


Lisa B. said...

Pretty ideas! I was just getting ready to do my own post on holiday tables...great minds think alike;)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

You girls always have helpbul hints. I do need to check out the folding napkin site. I can't get your blog to show updates when you post, it goes to the bottom. Any Help???
Happy Thanksgiving to ya and the family,

Catherine said...

That`s a great idea and how elegant! I use my damask napkins for the holidays and the acorns will be a beautiful accessory. Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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