Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot

Do you know what? There are all kinds of decorators out there for Fall and Halloween - this house on the left - they do it all!
They have a great fall display during September, then as October begins, it transforms to the "haunted house" and every little kid stands in awe in front of it year after year!

Although, we are a bit late, we wanted to share some pictures that we started to take (and finished yesterday) for Melissa's tour of decorations at The Inspired Room.

If you haven't visited Melissa yet, be sure to stop in and see the fun decorations that blogland found! While we were out and about to take pictures, we noticed that not many people decorated this year.....but we did find some cute things......

Here, outside of the garage, someone had spend a lot of time decorating under their tree to bring fall cheer to the neighborhood.

We liked these ghost cut-outs - very cute! They had several all around their house.

This was one of our favorites (top right) - cute and colorful!

Yikes! Here come the skeletons!

Last of all, we take you to our friend Carol's home - always inviting and always decorated "just so!"

Be sure to stop by Friday, as we will be participating in Julia's Hooked on Houses Tour guessed it, we will be touring Carol's beautiful home!

See you then!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I'm so glad you shared your fall findings! Too bad more people aren't all festive this time of year. But, it makes it all the more special to see those that do take the time to create something special. Fun photos!

Thanks for sharing!


Jinx said...

I would have been one of those "not too festive" people this year if it hadn't been for the Porch Tour. It made me realize what a little effort can do to brighten everyone's day.

I love the decorating you did find!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Great porches! I'm amazed by how creative some people are. And I'm so glad you're joining the Hooked on House Tours blog party Friday! Yay! :-)

kari and kijsa said...

Beautiful!! What fabulous porches!! Can't wait to see the tours on Friday!! Also- checked on the squirrel and is a link we found with a few suggestions:

It seems you have to cover the smell (although rubbing hot pepper and vaseline on your pumpkins might not be that enjoyable either!!!)

kari & kijsa

Teresa said...

wow- that first house sure went all out- fabulous-
Thanks for sharing your photos.
Have a great day

Liz said...

Love love love the skeleton arms sticking out of the yard! Thats too fun.

Rue said...

Hi girls :)

There may not be very many houses dressed up, but the ones that did are fantastic!! I can't wait for the tour tomorrow :)


Lisa B. said...

I love that haunted porch!! Spooky! It's so fun watching the kids reactions :D

please sir said...

Oh how lovely- what wonderful decorations!


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