Sunday, October 05, 2008

Being Civil

The first weekend in October is the Civil War Reenactment at Rutherford B. Hayes' home in Fremont, Ohio. This is such a busy weekend and so many people come in for this event. Thought you might enjoy some of the pictures that we took while we were there....

There are lots of people in costume while you walk along. It is really something to see - it's like you were transported to another time. As you pass the gentlemen and soldiers, they tip their hat to you. Ladies nod and smile.....the kids take notice of the manners this weekend!

The reenactors camp out all weekend long at Spiegel Grove. Some years it is beautiful (this year it was!), some years it is bitterly cold and rainy. Still, at 45 degrees, sleeping in one of these tents, with straw around you for warmth....doesn't it sound like the best weekend ever! Look at the small covering that someone used to sleep in.....what do you think? (I'm thinking Holiday Inn!!)

The highlight of the reenactment is the shooting off of the cannons....the kids just love it. They love to see the fighting between the men. It brings their textbooks in school to life and lets them see what it would have been like. It is exciting to both the kids, and the adults!

Here there were some girls that were learning how to hold a rifle....

The dresses were just beautiful - both on the women reenactors, and the ones that were for sale in the market area. This one on the right (the rust colored one) was one of my favorites!

Here's a fun story that you will enjoy.....we were strolling down the path - it was getting late and the reenactors had started supper. A lot of the visitors had left, so it was pretty quiet. These children were looking at where they were on the grounds, and we were walking by, when one of them noticed my daughter's scooter - they made friends quickly with her, and asked if they could take turns riding her scooter up and down the path.....turns out that civil war kids are just like kids today!!

After they each had a turn, they were pleased with themselves, and scurried back to their campsite before their parents got worried!

After viewing all that we had, the kids were ready for some kettle corn and some homemade root beer. The line was long - but well worth the wait!

The weekend is over for another year and all of the reenactors head home to their modern conveniences....until the next encampment comes (which for many will be next weekend!) Hope you enjoyed a bit of history with us this weekend!


Lisa B. said...

You got so many wonderful shots!! I love seeing history brought to cool! I love the girl on the scooter!!!

Katanya said...

Beautiful Shadow shot, I love the way you've captured the reenactment, I would love to see something like that one day..

please sir said...

I love going to things like this!! Looks like a ton of fun!


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