Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fun in a Box

No, it isn't Thing 1 & Thing 2 (Dr. Seuss - you know "fun in a box".....!!), it's even better!! Lisa from Lisa's Retro Style informed me that I was the WINNER of her wonderful give-away! How exciting - I LOVE books - especially ones on decorating - and I don't have any books on decorating with when this came in the mail today - "Heaven...I'm in Heaven" - sing it Fred (Astaire) is so spectacular, that I had to share some of the pictures in this book for you!

Decorating with China and Glass .....Lisa I must thank you again - it is soooooo fun!!
So...we open the box (I'm sharing the moment with Karrie, even though it was my name that was chosen - sorry Kar...), and the cover alone starts our googling over this book.....I take it out and flip it over and this is what I see....

insert more "ohhhs!" and "ahhhhs!" - we were so excited, because this is what I have at home......

Can you just feel the excitement as we hold the book in our hands, daring each other to open it first??!!
Well, this is some of the beautiful things we saw....

OH - start the singing of Handel's Messiah now please....we love this!! This is my pitiful attempt at hanging plates in my dining room.....

ah, yea, I need to hunt for a few - just a few more plates by the looks of it!!
Love this pattern - I have a set of four in this Spode Greek far.....

More fun blue transfer ware (by now we are just sighing at all of the pictures!)

I love the pottery on the mantle - it reminds me of my Talevara vase. I've often thought of incorporating a few more pieces into the dining room - and this picture made me remember calls for a road trip to Mexico - any takers???

This last picture was such a fun one in the book. It was a bit out of place - most everything else was red, blue, brown or white dishes - this was very fun. I can't say that either of us had seen a lavender table setting before - but we loved it!!

Hope you liked the "book report" - this book comes highly recommended from The Summer Kitchen Girls! (Are you singing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah in the background of this "infomercial" yet???)

Be sure to go over and visit Lisa's blog - she has such wonderful and creative ideas for reusing and recycling old stuff (we always LOVE to see what she will be doing next!!)
Thanks again Lisa!!

Karla & Karrie

By the way - a big thanks to everyone for your kind words about our house tour - Mom loved hearing all of your comments!! Let Julia know if we should do another in the fall.......we know that our vote is a YES!!


Lisa B. said...

Oh Karla! I'm so glad you and Karrie are enjoying the book!! Sounds like you're putting it to great use!
I love your dinning room plates! lol. I've done the same thing...had something I thought was looking pretty good...til I say how the "pros" did it:(
Beautiful collection of blue glassware!!
Hmmm...Mexico in January...sounds good to me;)

Hooked on Houses said...

I love books like that but haven't seen that one before. Congrats on the big win! Looks like it's perfect for you, too. -Julia :-)

Melissa said...


I just found your blog. The music is great. It's very nostalgic.

I'm over at Sunbonnet Cottage. If you get a chance, stop by a say 'Hello'.

Thank you.

Sunbonnet Cottage

Happy @ Home said...

Congratulations on winning that fun giveaway. The book looks wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I am sorry about your Grandmothers. Such a sad disease.

Stop by any time. You're always welcome.

I'll be back to see you too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls,
I am coming to visit you maybe over the weekend. Did you know that I have a new blog formerly Pink icing on the Cake.


Joy Zaczyk said...

What a fab looking book, don't you just love winning things? :) Thanks for your visit - going back to look at all your wonderful posts!



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