Monday, December 04, 2006

December Specials

Greetings! We made it through the last big open house! Now we can get down to business! I wanted to first let you all know that we have 6 openings left for the Christmas Tea on Sunday from 2-4pm. Get those reservations in if you'd like to attend! We started to plan a lovely menu for you all, so don't be shy!! Before I forget - I want to congratulate the winners of the Christmas plates from the Open House this weekend: Tiffany Turner, Sue LeMaitre, Karen Smith, Cathy Haslinger and Paula Daniel. Congratulations ladies! Enjoy!

Now, what you've all been waiting for! We've come up with some specials for December - so here they are:

December 5th-9th
Take 20% off
All florals on the floor ~ Christmas and everyday
Hanging arrows and replacements
All Christmas Pottery

Sister Sale
December 12th-16th
Take 30% off
All ornaments
Take 20% off
Maggie B purses and accessories
Take 10% off
Anything else in the store
CD special ~ $14 each

December 19th-23rd
Take 20% off
Clocks, lamps and pictures
All Christmas items

More everyday things are coming into the store now, and we are getting a big Carruth shipment in for Thursday. Let us know what you might be hunting for, and we'll see what we can come up with!

Are you all decorated yet? I still have things that need done - perhaps it will all be put together by Christmas eve! Mom has to put her tree up yet, and after it is ready, I'll post those pictures. Oh, and Karrie is not just country, I just want to get this straight. How I said it, made it sound like she just is country. I meant to say that she is more country than myself, but she is also a very eclectic in her decorating. I hope that might clear things up. (At least for her - I have to be more specific while I'm typing away!!)

One more thing - The "Big Hint" sheets went out this week to all those lucky men in our lives. If you didn't have a chance to fill out a gift registry, you still have time! Just give us a call and we'll get your personal BIG HINTS out to him ASAP! (Besides, he won't shop for another three weeks yet!)

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