Monday, July 31, 2006

"It's Too Darn Hot!"

We've declared this the official song of August! We have put in our Ella Fitzgerald CD and are singing it daily! Today we went up in our sweltering attic and brought down our Fall merchandise. We still have some things that are trickling in, but we are hoping by mid-August all of our fall will be out. As always, we packed away things from last year so we can get them out for the big sale table - be sure to check this out as there are some Really good deals on there! We marked everything 40-80% off, so be sure to shop early, for the best selection!!
For those of you who received a coupon last month - be sure to use them ASAP! August will fly by between those family reunions, fairs and school shopping. Hope you all stay cool, and if your air goes out - the store is feeling fine inside!

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