Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Morning Stretch!

Good Morning Everyone!!
Wow! We've been gone a bit...we've been busy at the Store
and at our booth at The Maumee Antique Mall...

 just seems to be flying by...
so when we were doing a little yard clean up
and walked along side of the house this weekend

we stopped
dead in our tracks...

Isn't this lovely....
Life speeds up for us...
while nature just does what it does
every season
every year

Sometimes we just need to slow down...

and enjoy the simple joy of seeing
ferns coming up out of the ground....

It reminded us to enjoy the sunshine
and to stretch up....

and enjoy the small things in life
that might have never been seen
if we didn't just take the time!

Reminding you to take it easy today and 
to open your eyes to the things we don't see when we are 
rushing around ;)

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!!

Karla & Karrie
The Summer Kitchen Girls


Cynthia said...

What a wonderful surprise. Don't you just love nature? Happy the shop is doing well


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I bought a couple of different fern varieties for indoors...I've noticed the unfurling of fronds like this, too! So pretty!


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