Thursday, October 03, 2013

Pick Your Poison

A couple of weeks ago we had our
Pick Your Poison
bottle class and we had wayyyy to much fun!

Since then, we've got lots of questions on how to create
these concoctions.....

First we had to find the lables...
we found some great free ones on the web

Marilyn from Seeing THings Art Apothecarium
 has some really great labels
 and she gladly said we could use them!

We printed them off on some parchment paper
and then we burnt the edges around the labels
(may we suggest doing this safe!!)

After burning the labels we used Mod Podge to secure the label to the glass....
Then the fun began...filling those bottles with "Toad Bladders" and "Moon Dust" and such!

Bits and pieces of twine went on the open bottles

Some bottles we covered with burlap, and Mod Podged it down
Then we would add embellishments...

Tea Stained cheese cloth, twine, vintage buttons, old washers...
we used our imaginations!

Another fun detail was the blood red wax...

We got the plate warmer out and melted the red wax in a heat safe dish

After adding the burlap and cheese cloth we just dipped that top 
right into the wax several times.

(singing that by the way!)

Well, we couldn't let that bottle have all of the fun,
so we just used that melted wax on some of the other bottles...
a touch here and there!

Some bottles even got the wax right in them 
for an eerie look!

See what kind of fun 
 Poison Bottles
you can make..
.it's super fun & they look fantastic!

Today we are joining the friendly sisters over at
Ivy & Elephants for
Stop out and see what Patti & Paula are up to this week...

You'll have a frightfully good time :)


Rhissanna said...

Wow! Found you through Ivy and Elephants. What a wonderful collection of bottles! Thank you so much for showing how to do the wax dip. That might be the solution to nice bottles with ugly lid! Hide the ugly lids! Thank you.

Cynthia said...

These are really cool girls. Frogs bladders, really??? ICK!!!


Jeannie Marie said...

Those bottles are ADORABLE! I'm all inspired now!


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