Monday, July 22, 2013

Playing with Patterns

I'm cleaning out the basement....
you know....all of those

I've collected for a

that I will never do....

So...I have this huge box of
that I got for a

yep....ALL  of them

and I won't

What to do with patterns?

Pattern Shadow Box

I love this shadow box idea....
not sure how it's done ~ but I could try it out
How adorable would this be??!!

Pattern Tissue Embellished Flowers from  FAB Designs

These are the prettiest flowers I found online
super sweet and the embellishments are perfect!

These decoupaged boxes are cute idea....
and who doesn't love working with Mod Podge??

Decoupaged boxes...and birdhouses from Sewing Geek

These are sweet boxes...I love that she used both the pattern
picture and the pattern tissue to create these!

Cover a Maniquin for display like This Beadiful World

Decoupaging the tissue on the mannequin is a lovely idea!

Magnet Buttons from Blue Valentine Press

Love these magnets ~ very cool

 Stamped paper from Homestead Treasures

Love using the tissue paper as Wrapping Paper
I really like how they stamped the paper
way cool!!!

Pins from Meow Kapow adorable!!

Pattern Lamps from Patturn

Thought this was a brilliant idea
Making a lamp out of the patterns ~ LOVE it!

Using Pattern Tissue Paper in your Gift Bags from The Polka-Dot-Umbrella

How do you like this....who wouldn't love having
a gift brought to you this way?

I have direction...
I have grand ideas....

Oh how I HOPE 
that I can do some fantastic crafty things with 
these Patterns!!


Cynthia said...

These are all creative and really cute ideas. I can't wait to see what you do with them!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Wow! what fabulous and creative ideas you found! The only problem, now you have no excuses! I'm going to look for some old patterns!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hey girls! Oh, how I love these ideas with the pattern tissue...too cute!!! I dry my hydrangeas and then wrap them in a bouquet using pattern tissue....tie on some burlap/ribbon and they are gorgeous!!! I loved the comment you left....the more I think of it....that was a Lucy moment with my camper!!! FUNNY!! Blessings~~~Roxie p.s wish I lived closer...would take some of your classes said...

Ha! We're kinda twinzies! Right before we moved from the farm I had to donate a HUGE box of vintage patterns like yours because I wouldn't have room for them in our new place. Seeing all of your clever ideas makes me misty-eyed! Sure wish I'd held onto mine.


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