Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's a Burlap Wrap!

 We just acquired
 this adorable child's chair
 in the store...

the seat is

Great Bones though....

 Well....we just happened 
to have some

and opted to cut some strips 

then we started stapling it on the back of the seat

and went all the way across

While we are on the backside...
we had to show you this 

 Don't you just love 
how Jeffery signed his chair???

We frayed the edges a bit and just wrapped it
around to the other side and stapled it

 Then we took two other strips and went the 
opposite way just to add some interest....

Making a sweet seat!

Fun texture & perfect color for the chair

 Ready for another name 
to be written on it!!


sandy said...

What a great idea! It looks so cute! I might give this a try! Have a wonderful weekend!

Cynthia said...

Such a fantastic idea and I love the look. Sorry girls but I have been busy with the move, via the blog.



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