Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Leaving a Paper Trail....

We just had to share this with you today!

We are so excited!  
This Sunday we will have one of our dear customers in the store 
during our Valentine Progressive Tea.

Mary will be sharing her collection of  vintage
Vivian Trillow Smith Cards!!!

Vivian became a stylist at Hallmark
~ in fact she became a
Hallmark STAR
 when she created a series of paper doll greeting cards
 that she began in 1947.

These Louisa May Alcott's 
Little Women Cards
were some of these adorable cards.....

Each of the cards 
have the name of the doll...

As well as 
the movie star's signature 
who played the character....

and a little bio about the character!

The back of the doll was even designed....
now ~ look close!  
See that VIV on the right hand side?

Vivian Trillow Smith 
was the first Hallmark artist 
who was allowed to sign her work...
isn't that cool?

Enjoy the 1949 trailer of Little Women

Four sweet girls...
& four sweet cards!

Here are all of the girls waiting....

They'd love you to come to the tea party 
so that you can meet them in person!

While you are there, you can see more of 
Vivian Trillow Smith's work...

Mary has quite the little collection of Vivian's cards....
and we just love this little treasure chest box 
that some of them came in!  

We especially love that the inside lid is signed...
showing that this little box was indeed a treasure to be kept...

Leaving a lovely paper trail 
of beautiful paper dolls for people to 
appreciate them 
60+ years later!

We just love these 
paper doll greeting cards....
how about you?


Cynthia said...

This really cool!


Curtains in My Tree said...

OH how special, I wish , I wish I could be there to meet and greet that lady and look at some of her precious cards

How wonderful for those who get to attend

Teri Pettit said...

Can you give contact info for the Viv collector identified in this blog post only as Mary? I am also a collector of Vivian Trillow Smith's work, with a collection of approximately 600 of her cards and other items, and I would love to correspond with another dedicated fan. (To see a few pieces from my collection, google "Vivian Trillow Smith Teri Pettit".)


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