Monday, July 02, 2012

A Patriotic Presence

 The new Country Living Magazine has some fabulous ideas for
Red White & Blue Rooms, so we thought we'd share some
Red, White & Blue of our own....

This little settee she found in Florida and brought home with her one year. 
She had it covered in this great red toile to match her office chair.

Actually, we should say Mom's Red White & Blue....
She is a big fan of Williamsburg and changed their little office
into her own little WIlliamsburg!
She loves blue (and red) toile plates
and has them several places around the room and the foyer

No saying is sweeter!
She loves using dolies as they really add another texture to any display!

When she makes it to Williamsburg,
she always finds a little something to bring home!

We told you she loved blue toile....

She fills this little cupboard up
with little pitchers, plates and bowls that she collects.

"How do you do?!!"
These little figurines and the one above we found on one of our junking trips

Another collectioin sits on top of the wood burning stove

She loves the history of our great country and it's founding fathers.
We found this plate of George Washing ton praying last year
and gave it to her for Christmas

Here we are standing where the office desks are
(oh no, don't even think that we'd show you that...she'd kill us ~ lol!!) 

This hutch has a great's cousin was cleaning out his barn
and found the top in one section and the bottom in the other. 
The bottom was missing a door, and of course, it was filthy. 
He didn't want it and asked if she would want it.....duh!!!! 
They cleaned it up and had a new door made for it! 

Love treasures that come right to your door!


There you have it...
A Red White & Blue Tour!

So sit down and prop your feet up and tell us.....
What about you? 
Do you have any Red White & Blue
in a room or on a porch? 
We'd love to hear about it :)

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