Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Words

We LOVE this quote for today!

We took this, and the following pictures,
from our vacation last year....

in Lexington Michigan

We were in love with it's front doors...
{as well as the geraniums!}

and it's adorable hidden patio along the side of the house

oh yea...did I mention that we
really coveted
the air conditioning it's guests had....
yea, I didn't think so!!

fyi....when planning a vacation in July,
make sure you ask if there is air conditioning in the house that you!



Sherri said...

Girls, that first picture with the quote is really pretty-love it! We got stuck once with no A/C, I have always made sure the houses we rented after that had it!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh, how I LOVE this LOOK! So AMERICANA! and the words are too sweet! I usually have my Flags up by now but haven't...this inspires me!! From one sweetie to another...Roxie

Anonymous said...

Great quote! :)


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