Thursday, May 05, 2011

Who Let the Pigs Out?

Three Little Piggys
escaped from the store
They traveled for miles

Climbed mountainous

Looked High

Looked Low

Traveled until their little pig feet
could go no more really they were really
being carried around
and pampered
for a photo shoot
for our next blurb in The Buzz Book

These Piggy Banks are sooo cute - and we love how on their box it says:

"Get some green growing! 
This Floral Piggy Bank makes saving fun! 
 Just a penny here, a color there, and your green will bloom!"

I just put one in my kitchen to collect all of that spare change
that I find in the laundry, on the floor, on the counter - change that doesn't seem
 that big to keep track of...but add it up
and let's see how many kids will want it then - lol!!


Two Dog Pond said...

You girls crack me up! Adorable little piggys!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Very cute little pigs. Would look great sitting on my windowsill in the kitchen said...

Oink-oink-oink-oink (typed with drum beat, just like the song!). Super cute lil' piggies:)


Patti said...

I love these little piggies.

Cute and creative post, ladies.


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