Monday, May 16, 2011

Jadeite Love

I heart Jadeite
It's my favorite color of plates and pottery.

It reminds me of the vintage glass tile that I had
on my kitchen walls at my old house.

 I think that is why I am pretty obsessed with
the color!

I was so excited last Sunday when we went to the flea
and I was not really finding anything that I wanted
you know what happened...I spotted
this cake plate and pitcher

and because
I helped the gentleman
get a picture up on his telephone
 that his daughter just sent him of his new grand baby...
He gave me a good deal!

I also heart cake plates
I use them...maybe once or twice a year for cake...
Most of the time they hold things.
Things like
(that need to be planted once it has stopped raining)
  and little vignettes that need a fancy place to sit

I thought I'd introduce the jadeite cake plate
 to some of the other fellas...

They all look pretty good together I think :)

I'm not sure where he'll end up,
 but right now he's setting like he is in the first picture...
right below the fruit cake plate
where I can see it every day...
selfish of me, I know!

Now that I think about it,
this is my first pitcher that I have bought
I have two....but they were given to me...hmmmmmmm

I think we'll have to step it up a bit here!

Soooo... anyway, I ask my kids
if they want to use this awesome jadeite pitcher
 to put milk in their cereal in the mornings
 and they think I'm crazy....
isn't that what milk containers are for??

Well, maybe!
How about orange juice then?
Mom....we'd just be dirtying more dishes...
oh yea
Wonder where they've heard that before?!!

Maybe I'll use it for my cereal in the morning....
or maybe I'll just stick some lilacs in it!


DearHelenHartman said...

You know what would make those cake plates even prettier? Cake. Oh, okay, they ARE gorgeous and the story about getting a deal for helping the seller see his grandchild is priceless. Loved looking at the Jadite.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love the color of jadeite. Your pieces are beautiful!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Any jade-ite is great, but that cake place is awesome!! Love the story!!!

AntiqueChase said...

LOVE Jadeite color! It makes me happy!

Liz@Violet Posy said...

Super gorgeous colour and so rare here! I'm very envious :) xx

Bohemian said...

I adore Jadeite too! I was so happy when Fire King came out with the 2000 line of Jadeite like the old Vintage pieces... which are getting harder to come by at a reasonable price due to the mad passion everyone now has for them. I recall when they used to give it away at gas stations when you filled up! Sure wish Mom had passed hers down to me but she considered it 'inexpensive' and alas donated it all many moons ago.

But I do have that ribbed Pitcher, and have several pieces of the Vintage Jadeite and other fav Fire King colored ware. Love it all!!!
Dawn... The Bohemian


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