Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Things Come in Little Packages

This is how our package came...isn't it adorable?
Little....these packages are downright tiny....but we didn't mind ~
A couple of weeks ago we won a necklace from Rachel at Two Dog Pond

Look at this fun picture...Rachel finds the craziest  images sometimes!
Did you know that every week Rachel gives a necklace away?
She posts a picture that she will make into a necklace for the winner....

Come & Get it.....she picked our saying & we were so excited...
We always love reading all of the other comments from the
other readers...which is always good for a chuckle!!
All you have to do is come up with the best saying on the back.
Sassy, Silly, Serious.....
it's up to you
The winner is announced on Friday....what are you waiting for?
Play today!

1 comment:

Two Dog Pond said...

Thanks for posting this girls!! I've had quite a few new visitors and they seem to be coming over from your way!! You have some clever followers - thanks!!


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