Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Picture This...

While checking out emails about the New York Gift Fair, we saw these vases by Los Angeles glass artist Jenny Gaynor.
She creates these custom Photo-transfer vases by transferring photographs onto a recycled glass vase.  The vases shown range in price from $425 - $525.  With 45-84 photos, these vases are perfect for a special occasion that you'd want to remember! 

OK....we know you are still in sticker shock with the price....well, try making your own vaseHow would a Summer Kitchen Girl make this vase?
She would copy a bunch of photos (most likely black & white!) and cut them in the design or size they would need to be for the vase.  We'd use a clear glass vase and some mod podge for sure!  We really like how Jenny has that space between the pictures we'd do that - that's a nice detail!  After the pictures were on and the mod podge had dried, we'd cover it in a clear acrylic paint like Krylon Crystal Clear Varnish Spray (we like this because it is a tough clear finish that won't yellow with age.) 

Need more ideas?  Kodak has a How To page to get you thinking here!
View Jenny's website for more vases.


Donna said...

Beautiful vases...a little costly. I like your idea!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I can afford your idea!!! Love it!!!

Melody said...

Beuatiful vases.
You know you could have photos turned into slides or use vintage slides..or... use negatives....and apply for a more see thru the vase ;)

Jody Blue said...

Now that is a great idea!!


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