Monday, November 30, 2009

Would You Ever?'s not time for Hooked On House's Holiday Tours! This weekend we were visiting family in New Jersey, and instead of hitting the malls for the best holiday deals - we went to Estate Sales! Now that's our idea of having some shopping fun! We shopped and shopped - touring some fabulous towns. We had pretty good luck at all of our stops - but wanted to make one more stop. It led us here. Out of the five of us - two of us were brave enough to enter the house (that was to be demolished later this month)
This is what we walled in to. Although it was one of the filthiest homes we'd been in...we were struck with the style - and the spaciousness of this home! about a tour?

This stairway let to three bedrooms & a bath upstairs

Looking down from the top of the stairs we couldn't help but thing what a happenin' pad this had to be in it's day!

Downstairs in the basement

A storage room off of the basement's room
If only we could have taken this filing cabinet perfect condition!

Groovy lamp!

Even though this kitchen was disgusting - we couldn't help ourselves going through everything in here! At this point - the other three girls decided to come in and see just what we were doing!
We were asking the lady that was running the sale if she knew about the owner. She said that he must have done something with photography & film. She said that the day before there were lots of vintage movie reels, cameras & lights that went out the door. It was pretty interesting to see - that's for sure!
Thought you'd like to see a few of the things we got
(by the way, this was everyone's favorite stop...we ALL got several things from here!)

So....Would You Ever?


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

OH PLEASE!! You know I would!!! Can you see me turning green with envy?! Oh I'm so jealous:( Well if I couldn't have it all I'm glad you girls got some good stuff!

BlackStar said...

I would in a heartbeat! We used to go into old farmhouses when renters moved out and we came out with some really cool things.
I'm originally from Jersey. Off topic, but none the less.

decorator to the stars said...


Jill said...

You bet I would!! Wow, I've never been to an estate sale in a nasty house. EVER. They may be very conservative but always clean and tidy. Have been to some pretty dirty auctions though. My goodness that would have been fun!!


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