Thursday, September 10, 2009

Endless Possibilities

1. It seems that we have magazines everywhere...yes, we are addicted, but we need to do research...but what to do after we tear out all the articles we need?
2. Whenever we need to send a note to someone, we never seem to have note cards!

Today on Design*Sponge we found the answer!
This argyle patterned note card has truly inspired us today! How about silhouettes of animals, trees, flowers. You could make your initials or some fun squiggly shapes...there are so many things you could do! This would be a great gift too....get the kiddies out and have them make some for their teachers, babysitters (just think how much the grandparents would love this!)
What else? Well, why not paste things on paper or canvas to make a piece of art with? The possibilities are endless - just look at the fun you can have with old magazines, making them into something so useful!

photo courtesy of Design*Sponge

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