Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Fast Getaway

Oh....we can't wait! We just love it when we can make a fast getaway....naw...we aren't robbing the bank - we're taking an unplanned trip to CHICAGO!
We just love much to see & so much to do....but mind you, this is a quick trip, so we thought we'd share what we expect to do......
First....we are staying in the Palmer Hotel - that is exciting enough! The architecture there is "the bomb!" Ever since we went to Chicago on a tour in design class, The Palmer has been on the "to stay at" list! I can still hear it in my head when my professor said that "Anytime you come back to Chicago, try to stay at the Palmer....this is the place to stay" Now, there might be nicer rooms, or a better staff at another hotel....but hello people....the history of this place is amazing!


Moving on.....even though we didn't know about it, it seems that the Chicago Air & Water Show will be held this weekend....guess we timed that right!

....And, it looks as if we will spend a whole day at The Museum of Science & Industry

Kid's list:
Board the German U-505 Submarine - big brother will love this - he is all about anything WWII and German.....and little brother - he'll love it too, just because big brother does!

Little brother loves sharks....and for an 8 year old, knows just about anything about the creatures! This is his choice (other than anything big brother wants to do....), and he'll want to watch this show where he can swim with sharks in Africa.

OK...the real reason we are going to Chicago, is that daughter wants to see the Harry Potter Exhibit....cheaper than a trip to the London HP, it moves out of town next month & goes to Boston.

Mom's list:
Well....wondering around the Palmer suits me fine...all of that architecture - heaven! But, I do have one request...

I can't wait to visit P.O.S.H for vintage goodness, I don't know if I'll ever come out of the store! Check out their online store....go on & pick your favorite thing!

Dad's list:
Of course....anything that mom or the kids want to do is fine with him!

However, a visit to Wrigley Field would be nice...and it looks as if they are playing Pittsburgh while we are in town....we'll give it a good try to get a game in!

We are meeting up with friends and are going to the Weber Grill, and we are going to go on an Architectural cruise on the river with them as well. We are looking forward to that, as we've never done the crusie before!

So....what kind of "Fast Getaways" have you been on?!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

How fun! Traveling is our #1 activity...wherever, whenever! Clara is planning to visit Chicago in September, just like you, a short getaway to celebrate her Anniversary, now I can tell her where to stay. You guys are going to have a fantastic time, enjoy every minute of it!!!!

Tara said...

Wow that sounds like a wonderful quick getaway...I have never been to chicago, but you make it sound wonderful! :) have a great time and take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you! :)


ok, girls what great fun :) my "quickie" is labor day weekend, ct. again :) can't wait to see you two @ quailcrest

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

What a fantastic short getaway!! The lobby of the Palmer is amazing!!! Have a great time:D I'm off to check out P.O.S.H....

Chris said...

What an awesome trip, even if you only get to do 1/4th of the activities. Chicago is on my list.


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