Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Flowers of the Florist

Well...you'd never guess that she is a florist when you pull up to her house (ya...right!)

This weekend I was out to Karrie's house to take pictures of this container....you'll remember this great find here! It's blooming like crazy!

Karrie loves pots....any & all! These terracotta ones line her back steps (she has three sets of steps to decorate)

This side is by her patio and she always has her potted tomatoes & peppers here...of course along with lovely flowers!

On the other side of the patio is a wonderful shady spot for the best find of the year 2008....a wicker plant stand for $4.....

Here is one of two cement planters that are just gorgeous!

There are more plants & flowers, but I had to snap this picture.

When our grandmother moved out of her house to go into a smaller home, we found this plant stand in her attic.

No one really wanted it at first, but we'd never let anything escape....we might regret it!!

Karrie had it for a while and a couple of years ago she painted it. It is a pretty neat, old plant stand....look at the detail of the woman on the bottom of it..

We were very glad that we kept it - now where would we find something like this in the stores?

A couple of years ago we got this pot and another like it at a flea market....we loved the design & the leaf stamping on it (not to mention the general chippy-ness of it!)

This licorice plant is such fun...we planted some in our planters at work. It loves the shade on Karrie's front porch!

The last picture I took was of this sweet crock filled with impatients.

So many ways to create color & texture outside during the summer....what do you like to plant your flowers in?


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Those look great, all of them!The first one is going crazy isn't it? I love the sweet potato leaves, because of their different shade of green. Funny story: last year I bought some without knowing what they were. I was in cloud 9 when one day during Nov/Dec I went to the garden and found this huge sweet potato...I did some digging and walked away with 2 bowls full of the best sweet potatoes!!...I had no idea I had plated something edible!!! Well, everybody knows that gardening is not my forte although I love it!!!So remember girls, dig, dig, dig, specially if you love sweet potatoes like me!! Hugs, Marcela

Ms. Tee said...

I *love* all of these! Especially the chippy big pot. And that one from your grandma's attic is so unique. I'm glad you kept it, too!
I'm wondering - does the licorice plant smell like licorice? ;)


girls, aren't plants wonderful & so is this time of year, i feel like i'm in the tropics, love it all :) gio

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Who would not want that plant stand!!! What were you girls thinking?! Love at first sight here. I'm so glad you kept it. I plant flowers in anything...but I can't top Karrie!!


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