Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 Things You Might Not Know About The Summer Kitchen Girls it is...what did you always want to know about us....and were afraid to ask - ha!!

Thanks to our friends Clara & Marcella at Cottage Charm & Family Inspiration for tagging us! These sweet sisters always have the best ideas - if you haven't done so before...hop on over to their blog and check them out - you'll be glad you did! We just love these tag's always fun to read about people....however now that we know that Marcella is a psychologist...ahhh....hmmmm....maybe this won't be such a great idea!! HA!

1. If you didn't know it by now...we are sisters. We have a brother, Kevin that is sandwiched between us (and he thanks his lucky stars every day!)We are 7 years apart...although, everyone always thought Karrie was older (it's the level of maturity you see!). And yes, we fought something terrible when we were younger!

2. Even though we love white/shabby look....we decorate our homes with Bright & Bold colors....especially warm colors (it is very cold in our old Victorian homes ya know....this tricks us into thinking it is warm!) Karrie lives 5 minutes from the shop in the old 1894 Farm House pictured here (her & her husband are the 3rd owners - pretty cool 'eh?). Karla lives 15 minutes away in the 1905 Victorian home her husband grew up in.

3. We love junking *sigh* it's our favorite pastime....what is it we love? Right now, Karrie is collecting anything silver - especially William Rogers. Karla loves wicker, and is known to pick it up off of curbs in the rain even! What do our husbands think? They just shake their heads when we come home....Karla's husband even dared callin' us pack rats - really? Naw...we USE the stuff we find (at some point!)

4. Karla has a streak of luck - she won a trip to England once, and got to meet the cast of "Are You Being Served" from PBS. Karrie hasn't won a trip yet....but give her time!

5. We both love art & art history. Karrie loves to draw & dabble in watercolors, while Karla likes to draw & use acrylics (of course girls...this is when we have time!) We love the impressionists and love nothing better (2nd to junkin') than to visit an art museum. We try to carry our love of art into the store by picking out unusual and not just the "same old" art that you see everywhere else.

6. Dirt. We love it - we take after our grandmothers and can't wait for the winter thaw so that we can start digging. Karrie has the best green thumb out of both of us...probably because she actually waters her plants! Karrie has the most flowers planted - but that's the florist in her....always thinking of another flower to add to her collection of perennials.

7. Did we mention that we were sisters...oh...ah...ya...let's see - something else that you don't know about us.....well...haa haa about the fact that Karrie & Karla met their husbands on blind wait this gets weird...the first date was at Chi Chi's for both of us - told you it was weird! Karla's been married for 14 years, and Karrie & her husband have been married for 7 you look at that - 7 years apart! Hmmmm...interesting - it takes us back to that 7 thing again!

Well....there you are - 7 things about us you just might not have known! Hope you enjoyed this eye opening we are off to get ready for tomorrow - we are putting mom in charge of the store as we explore #3 and find some cool "new" things for the store!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I guess Chi-Chis is the place to be!!
Fun to know more about you gals, I promise I won't tell anyone what I REALLY THINK about you!!! Oooopppsss...that's the Psychologist in me!!!!LOL!!
Thank you for playing. Have a great weekend full of fun junk!!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Hope you're having fun out junking today! Wish I was with you. So fun to learn more about you both. I met my husband on a blind date as well. We didn't go to ChiChi's tho.

Catherine said...

Hmm! Very interesting. Glad to have the scoop on your family! That was a fun read.

We met in a bowling alley. As my husband relates the story, his mother said "I told you you`d never meet a rich girl in a bowling alley". I got over it. LOL

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved reading this! You girls are the bee's knees! :-)


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful family! I enjoyed reading more about you both.


Abigail Rose said...

Well, I know you posted this a while ago but I just got to it and I have to say... I loved it! I'm your own cousin and I didn't know most of those facts! :) Miss you guys!!!

Abigail Rose said...

Well, I know it's been a while since you psted this, but I must say... I loved it! I'm your very own cousin and I didn't know most of those facts! :)


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