Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's get Clean....

Last week we got in our new All-Purpose Cleanser from Caldrea. So....yesterday we both took home a bottle to see how it works.
{On occasion....Mondays we stay home to clean....instead of going out hunting for junk like we normally do!}

Well, we wanted to see if it made the job ahead of us a bit easier...ok...more pleasant!
Karrie cleaned her kitchen and bath with it....and loves how the Ginger Pomelo makes the house smell of fruit and springtime.
I, on the other hand had the Basil Blue Sage and I cleaned down cupboards, woodwork and my wood floors with it. It's fresh herb smell made the whole house smell fabulous!
We both agree....we would rather have gone to our favorite junking spot....however, we do love this new cleaner!

Another thing we loved about the cleaner is that you can use it to make up new batches of our favorite Caldrea counter top cleaner {which we love!} - two tablespoons and add warm water - who knew!?

While we were on Caldrea's web page checking out their cleaning tips, we found this one:

Need to clean your wood floor, but don't have access to our All-Purpose Cleanser? Caldrea suggests steeping two black tea bags in a quart of boiling water; let solution cool to room temperature, then mop the floor. Amazing!

Happy Cleaning!



hey girls, talk about junkin' spot, you're missing some goodies!

Lisa B. said...

Tea bags huh? Well when you girls finish up there...you're more than welcome to stop by my house...for a little more happy cleaning! ;)

Catherine said...

I love field testing! You have made a believer out of me.

Debbie said...

Love it when I learn something new every day. Great tip with the tea gags, I'll have to remember that one.

Blessings - Debbie

Ms. Tee said...

This sounds like a great cleanser - and the fragrances sound divine! Want to come do my house? ;)


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