Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet! Chocolate Shadows!

Ohhhhh.....who knew chocolate could be so shadowy!

Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday...Saturday here in the States ~ as well as Valentine's what better to focus on than Chocolate!

While in Vegas last December, we saw the World's Tallest & Largest Volume Chocolate Fountain. This is the bottom of the fountain ~ where all of the lovely shadows are.

Click on the picture to read all about it if you'd like!

Here is the top of the was pretty cool {and I do not need to mention just how yummy it smelled in that store!}

We also went to the Ethel M Chocolate factory while we were in town.
Here they had some great quotes on the walls....I couldn't resist snapping this picture!

Then they had beautiful creations made from ~ you guessed it...Chocolate!

Visit Hey Harriet while you eat that box of chocolates for Valentine's Day and see the other
Shadow Shots today.
Maybe this quote should be...
"A piece of chocolate contains just as much energy as you need to take another piece....and view another Shadow Shot!"
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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