Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a Tradition!

On (or around) October 20th - every year......for ever it seems we have partook in a yummy treat for our brother's birthday.

While in Boston last year, we tried a piece of this official cake of the state of Massachusetts while we were in Cheers having a bite to eat. When it came it looked nothing like the cake we thought we'd be getting, and to tell you the's even tasted better (sorry Cheers!!)

Now, there are quite a few recipes out there. When we saw that Joy of Baking had this delicious looking cake on their website we thought - "oh this cake looks like the cake that we know every October." However it had a very involved recipe.....that doesn't work for us!!

Now, you must know that our mom and Boston Cream Pie have a long history......

Since eons ago....when brother dear decided that this was his annual birthday cake, mom has struggled with just how to keep the two layers together and not sliding off (which has happened quite a bit throughout the years!) It always is fun to see - how many toothpicks are holding it up, or how many skewers are sticking out of the cake.

Well, time has taught mom well, and she has come up with the most simplest of recipes for this yummy cake! (Keep in mind, that this is NOT Joy of Baking!!)

Kevin's Boston Cream Pie Birthday Cake

2 boxes of yellow cake mix - prepared as directed (in 2 9"x13" pans - yep it will be a lot of cake....but it'll be good!)

2 big boxes cooked vanilla pudding - prepared with 3 cups of milk instead of 4

3 cans of chocolate frosting

When cake is cool - put the cooled pudding on top, then put the second layer of cake on top.
Secure with toothpicks and frost the top of the cake - the sides if you are brave....!
Add additional skewers for support - and say a prayer that it stays together until the singing is over!!

Happy Birthday Kevin!!

If you're interested there is quite a fun History of the Boston Cream Pie to tell you all about this tempting treat! Go on - start a tradition today!!


Janet said...

My Dad always comments how it is not a pie and there is no cream (as in whipped) in it! It has become his standard response, but he always eats it without a problem. I always liked the old Betty Crocker mix, the filling was yummy, but alas they don't make it any more. The Duncan Hines is OK, not quite as good.

Happy Birthday to your brother.


Liz said...

That cake sounds like HEAVEN!!!! Happy b-day to Kevin.

Lisa B. said...

What a cute brother!! Love his big white bow tie!! Your mother sounds much braver than I. I think the first time it slid apart would have been the last time it tried that! lol. Happy Birthday Kevin:D

Twinkle Star Art said...

Your Mum's cake must be a real treat. I would love to see what that looks like!

Rue said...

Hi girls :)

Happy Birthday to your brother!

That cake looks gooood :)



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