Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Great Shape

Chicago Showcase House Dining Room
~ Bill Walker, Antiques Dealer and Interior Designer, Barley Twist, Oak Park, IL.

The first thing that we noticed in this room was of the rug! We loved the shape - what a perfect shape for a rectangle room with a round dining table! Sometimes you have to think out of the box (or shape of the room) and bring in a surprise element - this was it !


Lisa B. said...

It is a really neat shaped rug! I must say the first thing I noticed was the chairs...they look so comfortable!!! Love great style and comfort!

Catherine said...

Great room and you are right about that rug. I think the lamps are pretty cool too. The room just exudes hospitality. Wonderful!

M.Kate said...

Beautiful room! and many tks for your kind wishes, happy weekend :D

Debbie said...

It's amazing how that rug pulls the room together. It truly is the pervect foundation that space.

please sir said...

Oh I love it too!

Rue said...

Hi Girls :)

That whole room is gorgeous and I love that rug!

Oh and I am going to try my hand at that pumpkin wreath. Wish me luck ;)


Lisa B. said...

Hey Girls! Just popped back by to let you know I gave you a little "award" on my post yesterday:D Stop by to pick it up when you have time.

Gallery Juana said...

That is an interesting rug. I like the natural lighting that comes through the window too.

Just wanted to let you know that you have been tagged on my blog. No obligation:)


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