Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Fun

Last Friday we had a birthday party for Karla's daughter......wanting something simple we purchased some black fabric on the clearance table at JoAnn Fabrics. We took some scissors and made the ends jagged - kind of fun look.

Paper Streamers went from the chandelier to the ceiling.

Fun orange and black jack-o-lantern napkins and plates inspired the white pumpkins for the centerpieces, with a few fall colored leaves on the table. Simple - and fun! The best part......with 45 minutes to go the pumpkins provided 20 minutes of quiet craft time for 10 little girls!!


Elizabeth said...

I bet all the other little girls were very impressed and thought the white pumpkins were very cool!

Lisa B. said...

How fun! And nicely elegant!! Much nicer to decorate the white pumpkins...different and less messy!!

Ms. Tee said...

How pretty everything is! I really love the tablecloth idea - it makes it so unique. :)

Liz said...

What a beautiful party! I always wanted my birthday to be in October so it could be Halloween themed. :)


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