Friday, September 12, 2008

Host A Rally, and They Will Come

I know it is suppose to say "build it and they will come", however - "We're Havin' a Rally!" We've been planning for this weekend for quite some time - and so far everything has gone well! Yesterday the shop was busy as people were stopping in at the farm before they went to the fairgrounds. (for those of you who don't know - our store is right across from Dad and Kevin's shop, right behind Mom & Dad's home - the place we all grew up!!)It was quite an exciting day! Our sister-in-law took some great pictures of all of the trailers lined up to get off of the exit - we'll have to get them and post them later!!

Today there were tours for everyone to go on. We had quite a few people come to the polishing and refinishing seminar (which was at the farm). We had refreshments for them afterward. It is so fun meeting all of these people that came to share in the celebration. Trailer people are just soooo nice! It has been a pleasure having them and chatting with them and learning so many interesting things!

If we had to name one thing that we loved about having this business, it would be meeting all of the people. As kids - we constantly had people from all over coming, and usually staying while they were waiting for their trailer to be done. We would get invited in for a cookie - or like in this (most embarrassing) picture, get invited with your brother and Donnie & Marie barbie for a tea party!

There was once a big map of the Untied States up in the shop and every time a customer would come - we got to help find their hometown and put a pushpin in it. You can imagine how much fun it was to see the collection of pins all across the United States!

If you have ever been to Henry Ford Museum up in Dearborn, Michigan, you may have seen the Airstream display. That trailer was refinished by Dad years ago.

"Classic roadside sights on display include the famed "silver bullet" Airstream trailer parked next to a row of Burma Shave signs to help sell America's favorite shaving cream: ("Within this vale / Of toil and sin / Your head grows bald / But not your chin / Burma Shave")." (Photo by John Clor)

Well, that's it for today.....can't wait until tomorrow. If you are in the area - do stop in for the tour of trailers (don't worry - I'll be taking pictures if you can't!!). The tour is from 1-3pm.
Until tomorrow!
Good night!

**if you'd like to read more - the local newspaper had an article in it today - you might want to check it out and see more pictures!!

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Lisa B. said...

Wish I was there! Wish I owned and Airstream!!! Have fun:D


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