Friday, September 19, 2008

Do Tell...

We were tagged today by Violet Posy and she wants us to come up with 7 obscure (or what we like to call quirky!) things about The Summer Kitchen Girls - are you really ready? Here we go!

1. If we don't tell people we are sisters, they usually guess it after witnessing our hands flailing and our answering questions in unison.

2. We easily manage to drink 10 - 15 ounces of tea every day at the store (we manage to visit the "loo" a lot during the day too!)

3. Karla owns the ENTIRE collection of Doris Day movies.

4. If, in conversation, you say anything close to a song lyric from the 40's, 50's or 60's....we may break out singing the rest of it - an example, a customer came in and in conversation said "What a difference a day makes" and it took all of our self control not to finish it with "....twenty-four little hours!"

5. Karrie had her childhood diseases during her high school years: Chicken pox in the 10th grade and tonsils out in the 12th grade.

6. We loved, I mean loved McDonald's French Vanilla Cappuccinos, and now are devastated that they are replacing them with McCafe's.....we'll stick to the tea thank you!!

7. The final quirky thing about us (and a LOT of people find this very weird around here...) is that we buy each other "good" gifts for birthdays, Christmas and the like guessed it....JUNK STORES!!! (I know....the horror!!) Take us to a junk store any day over the mall! it is your turn....let's see what these delightful bloggers find quirky about themselves.....

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Lisa at Lisa's Retro Style

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Anonymous said...

Love your quirks ;) Good to know there are other people out there with all of Doris Day's movies - other than me - LOL! Thanks for playing! x

Janet said...

Thanks for the tag girls; I will be glad to play along or Tag-a-Long ( like the camper we used to have). The point of my post today, without coming out and saying it was the outside of the house is typical cape cod style home and the inside is pure Tuscan Villa. Such a disconnect; it makes your head spin and your mind reel.


Lisa B. said...

Good to know! The song thing is really funny!! I'm not sure I'd know what to think if you responded to me with a lyric...I'm a little slow on the uptake! I'm sure I'd have no clue what you where talking about! lol.

Thanks for tagging me...I'll have to do it when I get back from my trip:D

Brandi said...

Cute quirks!

Thank you for tagging me, I just got done with my 7!

The Rose Room said...

I love reading these tags, I think it is because I am generally nosey! I drink a lot of tea as well!!!! Rachaelxo

The Arthur Clan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day...I enjoyed hearing from you!

I've been checking out your blog and it looks like a beautiful place to be. I loved reading your tag and learning more about you. :)

Angie in OH

Anonymous said...

I cant find your feed :(
Thanks for visiting Finding La Dolce Vita and leaving a warm Happy Birthday for my mom :)

Donna said...

Thanks for the tag, girls; I'll be thinking about my 7 and will post soon.

I enjoyed your list!


Bia said...

McDonalds makes cappuccinos???? Cappuccinos??!!!!

Seriously, this was fun to read.

Liz said...

I think we're related. After buying all of Doris' movies, I started buying the posters. :) said...

I'd rather have a junk store gift than a mall gift any day! My sisses and I do that too.


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