Monday, July 21, 2008

Farmer's Market was big - bigger than anyone expected! In downtown Fremont they had the most wonderful Farmer's Market - one the city hasn't seen for some time! I overheard so many people talk about how nice it was and how nice it would be if it were going on every Saturday, instead of once a month!
People, food, fresh veggies, wonderful flowers, music and lots of artisans.

Of course, or herb expert Catherine of Reiter Landscaping was there - we had to buy some of her great organic granola (the kids loved chocolate chippy best!).

Then, Theresa was there from Cheeky Chic-y Studios. I have to tell you that she makes the most unusual purses. I just purchased on that is made from a vintage calender - LOVE IT!! The inside is just as cute as the outside -
so fun! What is really cool about Theresa, is that she has some of her fabric vessels in the new show "Material Matters" at The Columbus Museum of Art - we are so impressed!!

Theresa is such a creative artist - check out her work online, and if you can, the Columbus Museum of Art!


The Vintage Housewife... said...

oooh what fun i wanna come!!! what a great farmers market!! i love airstream trailers they are so beautiful!! i would love to see your families...yes daddy-o jokes that the long long trailer should be her name...hee hee maybe the short short trailer...thanks for swingin'

Donna said...

Wow, what a great farmer's market and so many other wonderful things. Love the purses.

Lisa B. said...

Nothing like a good farmers market with all the extras!!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I wish I had something like this near me! Looks like so much fun! I was all excited about a farmers market that is close by our house, but when we got there it wasn't anything like I expected. There were no more than 10 vendors and there were no tomatoes! I did pick up some fresh herbs though, and they are not sitting in my window. What joy!


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