Friday, July 25, 2008

A 1956 Beach Party Weekend

Elizabeth is having a beach party - and we're going to join her!! She would like to know what kind of beach party we would have. We spent quite a bit of time discussing just what would happen at a Summer Kitchen Party. First we started with the music - all the top hits of 1956 for your enjoyment! Then....what would happen if we were transported back in time.....

This party is the annual family get-together. Every year it is held at Norma's sister June and her husband Bob's cottage - right along Lake Erie. It makes for the perfect summer picnic, or, what the kids call a "rockin' beach party!"

A family function is that - family, family everywhere! Where did all those kids come from? My goodness, there are nearly 40 of them! You'd think there was a small convention going on at the cottage - there are cars parked clear down to the corner market!

Everyone is looking forward to the boat rides Bob will give. Later on many of the teens will water ski and show off!

For those seeking a calmer afternoon, floating along in an inner tube is preferred.

Of course, there is lots of swimming by the kids. Don't forget playing in the sand and making lots of sand castles. Watch out though - lots of uncles are getting buried in the sand by their nieces and nephews!

If you've never been to Bob and June's for a family function, you have never seen the likes of the meals here....everyone tries to outdo the other in something -fabulously delicious! Everyone is to bring a hot and cold dish - and no one ever goes hungry! I bet the food table is on is longer than the beach itself!!

Goodness! There is nothing like grandma's fried chicken - it's the best in the state, and gone before second helpings - so you better get it the first time around!!

Cousin Eleanor always brings her roaster full of baked beans - the men just love it! Everyone can't wait to see what Roy's wife Lois makes this year. Lois is one of those cooks that try new things all of the time. She came up with Ham Croquettes this year, out of the new Betty Crocker Cookbook. They were good - all the women got the recipe afterwards!

Ham Croquettes
2 cups mashed potatoes
1 Tablespoon fat
3 egg yolks
1 cup cooked ham
egg and crumbs

Mix potato, fat, yolks of two eggs, and cayenne. Beat until smooth, then set aside to cool. Chop the ham, mix with the other yolk, cook until mixture thickens and turn out to cool. When thoroughly cool, take a tablespoon of the potato mixture, make a hole in it and put a large tablespoon of the chopped ham inside. Close the hole and form ball. Dip into flour, then into egg. Roll in crumbs and fry in deep fat (375-390 degrees) from 2-5 minutes.

Then...there's the dessert table - you can tell which one that is by the amount of children around it! There are lots of jello desserts - a staple for all those little ones! Grandma Pearl made her famous soft sugar cookies - with just enough chocolate chips in them!
Don't forget Aunt Bea's Baked Buttermilk Apples - you know, she one a prize for those once! Every year she passes out the recipe - oh so good (all the new brides make sure they snatch up a copy of this one, or should I say all the new grooms!!)
Well - we grabbed you a copy -

Aunt Bea's Buttermilk Baked Apples
5-6 apples, peeled and cut in half
1 egg
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
Pinch of salt
4 Tablespoons flour
1/4 cup margarine
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Lay peeled and halved apples in baking dish 8 x 10.
Beat egg and add remaining ingredients.
Pour over apples and bake a 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until apples are tender.

Now, of course Louise makes her peach cobbler - and Aunt Bea and Louise are always taking note of who's dessert disappears first! It's a competition - friendly, but still a competition every year!!

After lunch, everyone settles down. The little ones all lay down to take naps while the ladies clean up everything. All the men go and check out Danny's new convertible - he even talks mama Pearl into taking a ride - what a hoot!!

The day is nearly over - and the last little tired eye has closed! It's time for the adults to pack up their things and head back toward home. Kisses and hugs are given one last time - a prayer for a safe journey, and all are on their way.

Thanks for joining us for our 1956 Family Beach Party!! Hope you've enjoyed the day!


Beth Ann said...

Oh my goodness! How wonderful!
Did you get those photos from real family events? LOVE them!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! You've got it all here, great vintage photos, super recipes, and amazingly creative writing! I think my favorite recipe is for the croquettes with ham and fat! Thanks so much for participating in this event!

Aunt Kathy said...

1956 I wasn't born yet, but I always felt like I was born in the wrong decade, lol

Love the Blueberry Hill music too

What a great party, thanks for the invite

kadezmom said...

Great research~....excellent party...and I'm feeling a bit like I'm in the set of Dirty Dancing (okay, I'm a 70's child......)

I may have to try those ham croquettes.

Anonymous said...

Fun party! The baked apples sound delicious!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Boy am I ever tired. All that fun in the sun, good food and laughing all day really wiped me out.

I'm sorry I went missing a bit and didn't help pitch in to clean but I ended up taking a little tap with the kids!

Had a blast! Thank you. See you next time.


Pat said...

Oh I loved this! We use to go to Coney island all the time as childrena nd I ahve the age spots to prove! In 1956 I was 3!

Great memories!

Lisa B. said...

What a fun beach party! I wish I had been there...then again I feel like I was! Thanks for the rock'n good time!!

Gretchen said...

Love all the vintage photos. I used some of ours for my post today.


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