Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Treasure Hunt

So.....all this talk about the Round Top in Texas the past month has not only made us jealous, it has made us itching to go junkin'....so Sunday my daughter and I had to run an errand, and it just so happened to go through Elmore and we just had to stop at Once Upon a Thyme and the 5 & 10 - shucks!!

We picked up some fun things there - she is taking Collectibles in 4-H and found two dog figurines - very cute, some salt and pepper shakers and a little dog plate - very sweet. I was so excited to find this runner! I have wanted a vintage runner for my dining room, however the colors are not jiving with the white ones I always come across!! This was perfect, and I was all too happy to take it home. I found some tin trays that need cleaned up for serving lemonade and tea this summer on the "veranda" and some picture frames with some vintage ladies in them (I'll have to snap their picture for you later - as they are not here to take a picture of). Yesterday Mom and I went to another antique store and junk barn. Here I got the best deal of all - I found these "old master's" pictures - the frames are awesome and I can't decide where to hang them. Go ahead- - - guess how much???? Try $7 for the four of them - isn't it crazy??!! The thrill of the hunt!!

While we were there we were looking at this old wicker chair - it was in great condition, in need of new upholstery, but really fun!! (might have to go back for that one!)How about the first picture up there - look at that old door!! It still had the winding doorbell on it - and it worked - how fun would that be?? We are looking for an old door for mom's new bathroom - we had a great laugh when we thought of using that door (of course we would have put some privacy glass in) and of the door bell going off - and breaking because all of the grandkids would be messing with it all the time!! Last of all - is the ironstone gravy boat - I kept on coming back to this and had to bring it home with me. I don't have a lot of ironstone at all - can't even say that I have or want a collection - but this sang to me!

It's time to have a treasure hunt of your own - get out there and see what you can use in your home! Our big thing at the Summer Kitchen is bringing those antique and junk finds into your home. You'll have an eclectic look that no big box store can give you. It looks as if you've had things for years - when it could be seconds!! Most importantly, it is a fabulous and fun way to recycle - use what is already here!!

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

You found some great stuff! :-)

Happy day!



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